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Unifore provides everything you need to create a complete alarm solution or surveillance camera solution. We are one of pioneer security manufacturers that design complete alarm and IP security equipment.

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  • Wireless WiFi IP Camera

    Wi-fi HD video camera with built-in motion & sound detectors, your third eye and ear! Automatic alert function, keep you and your family safe.

    • Simple-to-use, versatile security camera, night vision
    • 720P high definition resolution in real time
    • WiFi and standard Ethernet connection
    • Intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • 8 wireless zones, 64 wireless sensors

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  • As one of security equipment manufacturers, Unifore is pleased to provide you the digital, network video surveillance system. This system can provide you the advanced functionality that can not be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The digital surveillance system has capacity to offer you superior image quality at least 1.0 megapixel and maximum 5 megapixel resolution. Each of IP cameras has web server function, it can broadcast video stream over LAN/WAN network, authorized users can see the video from anywhere over web browsers, PC software, smartphone or tablets. Some of IP surveillance systems have PoE function, which enable plug-and-play installation, greatly offer better scalability and flexibility.

    Superior image quality

    • Capturing high definition images, resolution up to 5MP
    • Superior image enable users to see details and changes
    • Progressive scan sensor to avoid motion blur
    • Better and faster video analysis
    • Safeguard people and property effectively

    Remote accessibility

    • Live view and record video from anywhere
    • Access real time video at any time
    • Maximum 10 users online from authorized computer
    • Video can be installed at remote locations
    • Support PC browsers, software, smartphone or tablet

    Scalability and flexibility

    • Setup digital surveillance system with one camera at a time
    • All cameras use the same Ethernet network for communicating data
    • Transmitting video, audio, PTZ and I/O even power over the same cable
    • Based Onvif standard to work with third-party's VMS or IP devices
    • High flexibility, with minimal design limitations in terms of camera location


    • Power over Ethernet technology to eliminate power cable
    • Video recording in any PC hardware, not need use DVR/NVR
    • Utilizing existing IP-based network to reduce cost
    • Supporting digital zoom function to see details
    • Smart video analysis features
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  • Protect your home or business with top-notch design alarm system, the system is based on GSM and WiFi technologies, being equipped with Quad-band GSM cellular communicator, user can receive the alarm notification via phone or SMS in anywhere. Utilizing WiFi communicator, the system is able to transmit alarm signal over network. Including with free smartphone applications, user can monitor their homes or business from anywhere. These systems support remotely access function, users can control the system remotely.

    All our systems have cutting-edge design, included touch keypad and LCD display for user intuitive operation and usage. Embedded with user-friendly menu system, supporting Do-it-yourself installation. These systems are able to set up to five contacts for alarm receiving. No contract, and no monitoring fee, they are ideal for self-monitoring applications. Furthermore, being compatible with Contact ID (CID) protocol, these system can be connected to central monitoring station. They are perfect systems even when you consider monitored alarm service.

    Giving you all protections including burglary, fire, gas leak, flood, temperature...etc. Our alarm systems can not only protect your home from intrusion, but also giving you early warming when they detects other abnormal events through using different types of sensors. Unifore offers wide range of sensors (Wireless/Hardwired) to give you full protection.

    Complete coverage for security

    Burglary iconBurglary Monitoring
    Working with various intrusion detection sensors such as door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, Dual tech motion sensor, Infrared Beam sensor. The alarm system can make alarm notification once it detects unauthorized entries or break-ins. Monitoring your properly in real time.
    fire iconFire Monitoring
    It can be used as fire alarm system, working with both wireless/wired fire sensors such as smoke sensor, heat sensor. Giving panic fire alert whiling working at 24 hours.
    medical iconMedical Alert Monitoring
    Push a button to be connected to users through the two-way voice intercom system. If assistance is needed, this professional will contact the appropriate emergency response services.
    Carbon Monoxide iconCarbon Monoxide Monitoring
    Offering high quality carbon monoxide sensor for detection of existence carbon monoxide, giving emergency alert, while density reach the trigger point. Making your home safe with CO alarm systems.
    Flood iconFlood Monitoring
    Providing professional industrial flood sensor for flood monitoring. Protecting your property away from flood damage, even offering water leakage detection function. Giving alert once it detects water leakage.
    temperature iconTemperature Monitoring
    Built-in temperature sensor for real time temperature monitoring. Allowing user to set upper and lower certain point for temperature alert.Real time temperature degree on LCD display of alarm panel.