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How to wiring the hardwired strobe siren


Hardwired strobe siren is most important of core component for alarm systems (including burglar alarm & fire alarm).

There is no Wikipedia for description of the strobe siren.

As we know, the basic of siren, we typically call horn,which can make big noise.  strobe siren is a horn not only can make noise, but also making flashing light in frequency. Have you noticed the police call, on the top of car, there is a strobe siren.

Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Box

High Quality Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Box

This tutorial will show you how to connect hardwired strobe siren.

Method 1: This method is for the hardwired strobe siren only with 2 wires (positive + and negative -). This kind of strobe working theory is simple, after connect to power supply for it, then it starts flashing & horn. The function of this kind of strobe siren also simple, without backup battery, without tamper alarm…etc. So the connection is also simple for alarm system, just connect these two wires to output of siren of alarm panel, then it”s done.

Method 2: This method is for the hardwired strobe siren with muti wires connection (more than 2 wires)

This kind of strobe siren with more function, including tamper protection, backup rechargeable battery, flashing frequency time setting, horn time setting, triggered method setting…etc.

The following diagrams are for installation reference. This hardwired strobe siren is compatible with any alarm panel with negative or positive, N.O or N. C outputs:

Trigger Siren & Strobe Together Diagram

Trigger Siren & Strobe Together

Trigger Siren & Strobe Separately Diagram

Trigger Siren & Strobe Separately

Some useful information:
EXT/INT selection: The factory default is INT (internal trigger).
In INT mode: The tamper will trigger the sounder (siren) directly.
In EXT mode: The tamper will trigger the alarm panel first.
SAB/SCB Selection:
The factory default is SAB.
In SAB mode: The alarm panel will power the strobe siren.
In SCB mode: The backup battery will power the strobe siren.
POS/NEG Selection:
Before connecting the siren or strobe trigger cable, please set the trigger signal with the dip switch firstly.
L-POS: Positive strobe trigger; S-POS: Positive Siren trigger
L-NEG: Negative strobe trigger; S-NEG: Negative siren trigger

More information about hardwired strobe siren:

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