16 zones alarm control panel VS-816

16 zones alarm control panel VS-816
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16 hardwired zones alarm system
Model: VS816
Metal cabinet, 16 wired zones

VS-816-08 is a powerful alarm control panel which with 16 hardwired zones. This alarm system with all the features of VS-808,  can connect with various of hard wired sensors such as PIR Motion detector, door contact, Infrared Beam...etc.

It included with touch LCD keypad (white and black color for selection) for programming and operation, this system connects to your existing telephone line,  can totally program 4 group of personal numbers, and 1 group of central monitoring station number, this alarm system is suitable for security monitoring of residential and business by self-monitoring or central monitoring station service.

The alarm system can add relay modules which can enable user to remote control of eletric device or connect to Surveillance Equipment activate the DVR. Besides this system can connects to solid Lead acid battery for backup power to insure the alarm system continue working under 24hours, 365 days (even the external power is failure).

Key Features:
16 hardwired zones, heavy metal cabinet enclosure design.
Hardwired zones with EOL Resistor design which can prevent line-cut and short-circuit
With touch keypad, LCD displays Date, Day of the week, Time etc.
The language default: English, can be French, German, Danish, Spanish...etc
16 wired zones, Each zone's attribute can be set separately according to user's actual needs, partial Arm supported, 30 wireless zones can be extended;
Use telephoneline for alarm transmission, up to 5 phone numbers (1 for Central Monitoring Station, 4 for personal) can be pre-set.
Record up to a 10 second greeting for the auto-dialer, Then play the greeting back, listen in to hear what is happening;
Five security passwords: Super admin password, installer password, user's password, duress password, remote control password;
Auto priority to occupy the telephone line, tamper alarm, phone line disconnection alarm;
Information stored automatically when power cut; Available in both AC\DC;
Arm\ Disarm the system by: Control panel(Keypad), Wireless Keypad(optional device), Keychain Remotes, or even remotely by phones;
Door/window status self-check, zone status indication;
Updated functions available with optional corresponding accessores: wireless digital video recording (wireless video camera), wireless alarm with sound and flash (wireless siren with sound and flash) etc.;
Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when power cut;
Available in both AC\DC with Low-voltage alerts;
High-speed digital communication, supports ADEMCO (Contact ID)
“Black Box” function, store up to 100 alarm records and 100 arm\disarm records;

VS-816 Package Contents Includes:
Control Panel main board with Cabinet         1 pc
Medium size Touch LCD Control Keypad       1 pc
AC/AC Transformer                                   1 pc
Remote keyfob                                        1 pc
Accessories: Telephoneline 1 pc, Antenna 1 pc, EOL Resistors 1 bag.
(please note that backup battery is not included)

Technical Parameters
Alarm Transmission Transmitting alarm signal via PSTN
Alarm protocol Caller ID, Contact ID
Number of zones 16 hardwired zones, 30 wireless zones (optional)
Pre-set phone numbers 5 groups of alarm receiving numbers
Alarm Response time 200 - 800ms
Power Supply 110~240V AC
Power Consumption ?1.5W
Power Output 12~15VDC / ?1.5A
Siren Output 12V 400mA
Working Condition Temperature: -10~50? Humidity: ?97%
Dimension Control Panel: 255 × 255 × 80 ?mm?/ Keypad: 152×109×28?mm?

Hardwired Alarm System VS-808 Connection Diagram

Notice: The control panel, which is a metal cabinet, will be mounted out of the way in a utility closet or in the basement.

Product's CE certificate: CE Certificate in here!
Product's CE report: CE Report in here!

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    Could you please provide price for 16 zone wired shipped to brisbane australia plus send a full catalogue with prices


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