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GSM wireless alarm system

GSM wireless alarm system

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Name: GSM home security systems
30 wireless zones, land-line and GSM

G70F-GT/GTW is wireless security alarm system with internal GSM communicator. It's an all-in-one wireless alarm systems for residential and commercial business, it brings an complete new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the home security. The alarm system come with 30 wireless zones and support up to 116 units wireless sensors. It allows homeowners control their home from anywhere in anytime via mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability.

The G70F-GT/GTW is the intelligent and professional grade security alarm delivers the high performance and full features for home security, it built-in big LCD display and touch keypad for easy and fast installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator and GSM communicator, it offers users and installers outstanding flexibility: home owners can choose whether to use the telephone line or use the SIM card. The alarm system can program up to 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving, when emergency occurs, it will make phone call or send text message. In addition, it can setup another SMS number to receiving SMS events such as AC power recorder, Arm/Disarm system, telephone line cut, Low voltage.

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GSM home security plan

The key features for GSM alarm system

Wireless technologyWireless technology
Adopts wireless technology, the wireless alarm can save tremendous amounts of money and time on system installation. Without professional training, people can install the wireless alarm within 30 minutes. Wireless means no wires, no eletrical leads, wire-stripping and circuit testing. Install the wireless alarm just need a few screws, now all the wireless sensors included with batteries and 3M command strips for mount installation.

DIY alarm systemDIY alarm
Now you can install the alarm system by yourself, no need to wait the security installer come and sign the monitoring contract with them. Our cost-effective DIY alarm systems provides the ultimate security protection for your home and business. The alarm communicates via radio signals, making it much easier to install than a hardwired alarm system which requires wires and drilling holes in house.

Easy to expandEasy to expand
The alarm system with 30 wireless zones, it totally can work with up to 116 units wireless sensors (including intrusion sensors, fire sensors, panic sensors). In addition, the alarm system can work with more than 8 units extra keyfobs or keypad for remote Arm/Disarm the alarm system. With wireless technology, user can easy to add and delete any wireless sensors and accessories from alarm system via keypad operation.

No monthly contract, self-monitoring your home via your mobile phone. Now self-monitoring doesn't mean just make automatic dialers connection, when an alarm occured at your home. Our new alarm system can send text message (SMS) to mobile phone numbers, the test message includes alarm types, alarm time, zone number information, user can know the alarm activation reason was a burglary or a fire and therefore to know exactly which zone was triggered.

Day/Night modeDay/Night modes
Different from other security alarm system. Our alarm system is very suitable for the residential users. The alarm system supports HOME ARM and AWAY ARM modes. Whether you are sleeping or awake, when alarm system is in HOME ARM mode, perimeter zones will be activate and motion zones will be deactivate, fire zones and panic zones will be activated in 24 hours, it can not be controlled by user. When the alarm system is in AWAY ARM mode, all the sensors will be activated.

backup batteryBackup battery
The alarm panel built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V, 800mAH). The battery can provide the power energy for the alarm panel, when external power failure. It can keep your alarm system works under 24 hours, 365 days. When external power failure, the alarm system still can work more than 8 hours.

GSM SIM cardGSM function
After purchase this alarm system, user can connect it into telephone line, or get a valid SIM card from GSM service provider. The alarm system can display the GSM signal real time on the LCD, and it can setup 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving. When an alarm occurred, the alarm system can make phone call and send text message (SMS) to these numbers. In addition, it can program one extra SMS receiver number for receiving message when alarm system is Armed and Disarmed.

central monitoring stationLink to CMS
The alarm system is not only suitable for DIY users, also it can link to central station. The alarm system is compatible with Contact ID protocol, it can transmit alarm information, Arm/Disarm status, AC power failure, Low voltage of backup battery,Period testing report to central monitoring station.

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Standard package for GSM Alarm

Wireless technology1 Unit GSM alarm panel

  • New housing, internal GSM antenna design
  • GSM +PSTN dual network transmission
  • 4 lines message big blue LCD display
  • GSM signal and system status display on LCD in real time
  • Intuitive touch keypad design
  • Three arm/disarm modes
    • Away arm:When you leave home(at day)
    • Home arm:When people stay at home (at night)
    • Disarm:The system is de-activated (except fire and panic zones)
  • 30 wireless zones, 8 hard wired zones (optional)
  • Maximum support 116 units wireless sensors
  • Preset 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving
  • Alarm make phone call or send SMS
  • Extra 1 mobile phone number for receiving system status SMS (such as Arm/Disarm, AC power failure...etc)
  • Record up to 9 seconds voice message
  • Exit and entry delay
  • Built-in Microphone, remote voice monitoring
  • Built-in siren
  • Remote arm and disarm system via phone or SMS
  • Set off alarm, if telephone line is cut
  • Reset function design
  • Backup rechargeable battery, last more than 8 hours
  • Work with CCTV system, IP camera

Keyfob remote2 remote keyfobs

  • You can use keypad for?
    • Press "disarm" to disarm the system
    • Press "away arm" to away arm the system
    • Press "home arm" to home arm the system
    • Press "panic" to set off panic alarm
  • Slide cover design to prevent false alarm
  • Built-in signal LED indicator
  • Battery operation, lifespan 1-2 years
  • Remote distance:>100 meters (in open space)

PIR motion sensor1 wireless PIR motion sensor

  • Wireless wide angle PIR motion sensor
  • Detection angle:110 degree, distance: 12 meters
  • Anti-white light, RF interference design
  • Alarm delay setting, LED ON/OFF setting
  • With wall mount installation bracket
  • Wireless technology, 433MHz,100 meters
  • Come with 9V battery, last for more than three years

Magnetic contact1 Wireless magnetic contact (Rechargeable high power Lithium Battery)

  • Come with one smart wireless magnetic contact, suitable for a typical residential house
  • Reliable intrusion detectors, can work for doors and windows...etc entry points
  • Working as perimeter protection
  • Reliable performance, high quality reed switch
  • Built-in signal LED and low-power LED indicators
  • With battery, working for more than 3 years (after first recharge)
  • Come with adhesive tape for installation

Accessories: 1 unit AC/DC Adapter, 1 intrusion manual, 1 pc wall mounted/desktop installation bracket, other installation screws.

Premium Lithium Batteries Last 3 Years

Unifore PIR motion sensor runs on 6LR61 9V Battery, the power capacity is 4-5 times than normal 6F22 battery (99% of our competitors'sensors are using this cheap battery-6F22, only last around one year). Now we upgrade our entry sensor (door/window magnetic contact) to rechargeable Lithium battery, it's small and compact size, but with 5-6 times capacity than normal 12V 23A battery. You don't need to think about replacing them for up to 3 years. After 3 years you can new ones at any retail store. Replacing batteries takes 30 seconds. The alarm panel also runs on Lithium rechargeable batteries, ensuring your alarm system is running even when the electricity fails.

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