Three Beam Commercial Perimeter Alarm System

Three Beam Commercial Perimeter Alarm System
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Name: GSM Perimeter Alarm System
Model: GSM800VSE
Commercial Perimeter Security System

GSM800VSE is new generation of perimeter alarm system that based on GSM cellular network and telphone line for alarm transmission. The GSM800VSE consist of commercial alarm system (Model: GSM800-16) and perimeter beam sensor (Model: VSE-B). GSM800-16 is professional and top quality commercial alarm system. It with 16 wired zones and 30 wireless zones. The alarm system with metal closure design and come with stylish LCD touch keypad. The alarm system can call and send text message (SMS) up to 5 phone numbers, when any emergency occurs. In addtion, the system supports 5 different passwords (admin passowrd, installer password, user passowrd, durass password, remote access password). The alarm system is compatible with Contact ID for central monitoring station (CMS). The system support more advanced features of AC power status, Backup power status, Manual testing, schedual self-test report to central monitoring station.

The VSE-B is new helmet style perimeter beam sensor that adopts three active beams to detection the intrusion. It built-in RF transmitter and can send wireless signal to alarm system in 100 meters (in open space). It supports both wireless and wired connection.

Main Features For Perimeter Alarm System:

Consist of commercial alarm and perimeter infrared beam sensor
Support GSM and PSTN for alarm transmission
30 wireless zones, 16 wired zones, compatible with all wireless and wired sensors
Triple beams active infrared beam sensor for perimeter protection.
System come with separate control panel and LCD touch keypad.
The system can call and send text message up to 5 phone numbers.
Support 5 passwords setting: admin password, installer password, user password, durass password, remote access password
Advanced zone attribute setting, can change zone type, alarm type, bypass zone, entry/exit delay.
Arm/Disarm the system by remote keyfob, keypad, wireless keypad, remotely via phone
Can record up to 10 seconds voice message, support remote voice monitoring
Non-volatile chip, information stored automatically when off power
Check door/window status automatically (When the system is in disarm status, If the door is open, the system will make "Bi, Bi, Bi" sound.
Alarm Sounds if Phone Line is Cut
Compatible with Contact ID protocol for central monitoring station
Learn sensors to alarm host panel, very easy operation.
Supports Door. Window. Motion. Smoke. Heat. Glass Break. Gas Leak. Carbon Monoxide Detector. etc.

PSTN Module And SIMCOM340 GSM Module Inside

Standard Package Includes:
One unit Control Panel
One unit LCD Touch Control Keypad
One unit AC/DCTransformer
One pair Triple Beams Beam Sensor
Two units Keyfob (VS-XYKQ4)
One unit user manual
Accessories: Telephoneline 1 pc, Antenna 1 pc, EOL Resistors 1 pc.

Perimeter Alarm System Technical Information:

GSM Control Panel
  • Working voltage?110~220VAC
  • Operating power: 9-15VDC
  • GSM Frequency?850/900/1800/1900MHZ
  • Wireless Frequency?433MHZ / 868MHZ
  • GSM Cellular Transmission Power: 2W
  • Operating environment: Temperature: -10?-50?; Humidity:?90%
  • Maximum available quantity of keychain (remote controllers) : 4 PCS
  • Maximum available quantity of wireless sensors: 116 PCS
  • Dimension?Control Panel: 255 × 255 × 80 ?mm?/ Keypad: 152×109×28?mm?

Technical Parameter for VSE-B

Model VSE-50 VSE-100 VSE-150 VSE-200 VSE-250 VSE-300
Warning Distance ?Outdoor? 165feet 330feet 495feet 660feet 825feet 990feet
?Indoor? 495feet 990feet 1485feet 1980feet 2475feet 2640feet
Maximum Approachable Distance 600feet 1200feet 1800feet 2400feet 3000feet 3500feet
Beam Triple beams
Detection Method Triple beams interrupted simultaneously
Light Source Infrared LED
Sensor Speed 50 ? 700 msec
Warning Output Relay Contact Output Contact Rating: ACDC30V0.5Amax
Power Supply Voltage DC10.5 ? 28 V
Current Sinking 40mAmax 40mAmax 40mAmax 55mAmax 65mAmax 65mAmax
Use Temperature -25 °C? 55°C
Dimension Refer to exterior diagram
Dismantle PreventionOutput Contact Output DC30V0. 5 Amax.
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Horizontal) 180 Degrees?±90 Degrees?
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Vertical) 20 Degrees?±10 Degrees?
Hairline Pointer Dismountable
Dedew and Defrost Method Ultrasonic Structure
Other Function Light accept indication?OK indication?Testing terminal
Material PC Resin
Net Weight 1250g?Light Acceptor +Light Projector?
Gross Weight 2168g

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    L C Michel

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    I'm quite interested with your products, could you please send me some details of your outdoor alarm systems as well as the price list. I have a security company in Mauritius specialized in Alarm and CCTV Intallation.


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