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SmartSens IP Camera Module

SmartSens iLLUMi Starlight CMOS Sensor SC5300 SC2300 SC1200

Chinese domestic CMOS image sensor manufacturer – SmartSens recently released iLLUMi series CMOS image sensors featuring starlight sensitivity, the new family including SC5300, SC2300 and SC1200 which can be able to shoot color image under extreme low light conditions.

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Hisilicon Hi3518E IP Camera Module

2MP/1080P IP Camera Solution Hi3518EV200 SC2135

As one of global leading HD video solution provider, Hisilicon SoCs excel at HD video surveillance solutions. According to the studies, Hisilicon SoCs occupy almost 80% market share of DVR/NVR products, while the market share of HD camera SoC keeps increasing.  By employing the Hisilicon SoCs, security manufacturers are able to provide cost-effective products to end users, Hisilicon based products are high quality, highly reliable and versatile and have a good interoperability.

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DG85 Outdoor PIR Motion Detector

DG85 v2 Outdoor Motion Detector for Intrusion Alarm and IP CCTV System

DG85 is a professional outdoor motion detector based on dual passive infrared detection technology, the v2 is the new version of DG85, which can feature better weatherproof capability. The DG85 v2 comes with two independent PIR motion sensors can provide accurate movement detection, yet will not trigger false alarm even working in harsh weather condition. The detector can offer 30KG pet-immunity, and the detection sensitivity is adjustable.

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Outdoor WiFi PTZ Bullet Camera with IR - Yoosee App

When we consider to secure or monitor a large area in the outdoor scene, we will use a PTZ camera, as one of the most popular types of security camera, PTZ camera offers many unique advantages, it’s the only type of security camera can cover the largest viewing angle before the panoramic cameras are available in the market. Additionally, the PTZ camera typically is equipped with a big lens which can provide powerful optical zoom capability. Comparing with the digital zoom, optical zoom can magnify the image with impressive details without compromising image quality.

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Dahua HDCVI 4MP Cameras

Dahua HDCVI 4MP CCTV Cameras Groundbreaking Tech

Although IP surveillance systems have already replaced the analog CCTV system as the today’s mainstream in video surveillance industry, many users still choose the analog HD cctv system, on the one hand replacing the existing analog system is cumbersome, on the other hand, today you have many choices to upgrade the existing SD CCTV systems to HD with minimum investment. Despite this, analog system can provide nearly zero delay on video transmission, now it follows up and the supported the resolution can reach 5 megapixel. 

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Hybrid 4CH/8CH/16CH H.265 DVR

Hybrid 4CH/8CH/16CH H.265 DVR Hi3531A Hi3521A Hi3520DV300

Hisilicon is a leading SoC developer, the company is renowned by offering low-cost HD video solution for different video surveillance applications including IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs. Today, you can find plenty of made-in-china security products which utilize Hisilicon SoCs as the core processors. Intending to embrace the trends of future video surveillance, Hisilicon starts to gradually update its existing products to new version which can not only offer higher resolution, but also support H.265/HEVC video format. 

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