HD-CVI Cameras

We offer HD-CVI based high definition analog camera. These HD-CVI cameras can deliver 720P/1080P resolution at 25/30fps. Different from traditional analog cameras, these cameras are equipped with megapixel resolution digital progressive scan CMOS image sensor. Adding with IR-Cut filter, it allows camera to capture true day/night images with crisp clarity.

The advantages of HD-CVI solution:

  • HD-CVI breaks through the bottleneck of analog resolution. The HD-CVI can provide megapixel resolution which is 1280x720 (720P or 1 megapixel) and 1920x1080 (1080P or 2 megapixel).
  • The HD-CVI can transmit video audio and control signals through single coaxial cable.
  • Up to 300 meters transmission distance without video losses.
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