Ingenic SoC

Common IP video surveillance System-on-Chips (SoCs)/processors

To know hardware performance of your IP camera, we usually need to know what kind of SoC that it may use and which CMOS image sensor it has. SoC, System-on-chip is a microcomputer processor, it integrates a processor with advanced peripherals like DDRAM, GPU, Ethernet, USB. A SoC for IP video surveillance contains encoder, image signal processor (ISP) to process raw video signals. In this article, we are pleased to compile a list includes most common SoCs for IP video surveillance application from different SoCs makers.

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Smart Wireless Doorbell Camera

Disassemble Ingenic Smart Wireless Doorbell Camera

Smart doorbell cameras become popular during recent years, because they can not only replace your old fashioned wired or wireless doorbell, but also make you and your home safer. Skybell and Ring are two dominant brand for smart doorbell camera products. However if you wish to buy an affordable one, you may choose our smart doorbell camera, they do the exact same thing, and share the same features, most importantly, they are high quality, durable and reliable. Here we are going to tear down Unifore battery powered smart doorbell camera.

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Magnetic Contacts Manufacturer for Wired Alarm Systems

We offer a wide range of magnetic contacts for alarm systems and access control systems, these magnetic contacts also can be used for home automation or other security applications. They adopts highly reliable reed switch design to offer up to 10 years life span. Magnetic contacts are the best sensors to detect open and close status of any kind of doors (wooden doors, rolling shutter, patio doors), windows, safe boxes, any opening device such as a drawer or cupboard. They typically have normal close alarm output, can be easily connected with your existing wired alarm systems.

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Dahua Explosion-proof Thermal Imaging Camera

Explosion proof thermal imaging security cameras

In explosion hazardous locations due to flammable gases, dust and liquid, according to the national safety regulation and standard, all the electrical equipment should have explosion proof design, this can prevent those equipment will not initiate an explosion. On the other hand, there is an increasing need for controlling temperature in industrial manufacturing. The traditional adoption of temperature sensor and security guard patrol has disadvantages of instability and low efficiency, this reality pushes industry to seek a more convenient, more reliable, more accurate detecting method.

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Dahua IP PTZ Dome Camera

Dahua launched IR Wavelength 940nm IP PTZ Dome Camera

When traditional IR cameras work at night, the infrared Illuminators will glow red. Intending to avoid IR camera being mistakenly treated as a signal light, Dahua launched new generation no IR-glow starlight IP PTZ dome cameras SD-6C3223U-HN-R and SD-6A9230UA-HNI-R. These two IP PTZ dome cameras are applied to transportation field.

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Smart WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera

Buying cheap security cameras? You should realize the real cost

Welcome Luke, he is the senior product manager in security company that specializing in security cameras. Recently he wrote an article to explain why customers should stay away from cheap security cameras if they realize the real cost. No matter you are a homeowner who decides to have an video surveillance system intending to improve the home security or a person favors cheaper products, Luke listed the disadvantages of buying cheap security cameras in his article.

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