AHD Analog Video Surveillance

3MP AHD Cameras based on NVP2470H + AR0330/SC3035

AHD cameras are analog high definition cameras that utilizing the Nextchip’s AHD technology. Headquartered in Gyeonggi-do Korea, Nextchip is a professional video surveillance image signal processor developer and supplier. So far, the company has developed AHD 0.8, AHD 1.0, AHD 2.0 and now AHD 3.0 image signal processors that supporting video resolution from regular 960H, 720p, 1080p to the latest 3-megapixel.

1#. 3MP AHD Camera Solution

By leveraging Nextchip NVP2470H ISP (image signal processor) and 3-megapixel CMOS image sensors from different brands, the AHD cameras can capture 3-megapixel video with 2048x1536 resolution format. 

NVP2470H delivers unrivaled system flexibility and highly integrated imaging features for HD analog application. Equipped with Universal AHD™ Technology, it supports forward compatibility for AHD formats as well as interoperability between Non-AHD formats. It also facilitates crystal-clear 3.0M imaging and robust video transmission performances.

NVP2470H can work with many different CMOS image sensors from different suppliers by using the Sub-LVDS interface. It offers 3-megapixel resolution image signal processing capability, meanwhile supports optimized AE, AWB performance, and including D-WDR, 2D-NR, defog, privacy mask, motion detection etc regular functions shared by all regular analog cameras.

Some companies has already launched 3-megapixel AHD cameras intending to get ahead in the analog video surveillance marketing competition. Now users can find cost-effective 3MP AHD cameras based on two different solutions:

2#. NVP2470H + AR0330

AR0330 from On-Semiconductor (formerly Aptina), it is a 1/3-inch CMOS image sensor dedicated to video surveillance application. This image sensor can provide max. 3.4 megapixel resolution or 3.15MP resolution to maintain 4:3 video aspect ratio. 

3#. NVP2470H + SC3035

SC3035 is the latest image sensor released by SmartSens. SmartSens is one of emerging CMOS image sensor developer and producer. The company now has the capability to produce CMOS image sensors supporting up to 5 megapixel resolution. SC3035 is a 1/3” inch size image sensor offers 2304Hx1536V resolution, it based on 2.2um pixel size process, supporting [email protected] video capturing. SC3035 can provide good low illumination performance (0.01Lux color, 0.001Lux B/W).

3MP AHD Camera Module NVP2470H SC3035
3MP AHD Camera Module NVP2470H SC3035

4#. 3MP (2048x1536) AHD DVR

Until now, AHD DVR that supporting 3-megapixel resolution is not yet to release. However, we expect the security manufacturers will release it soon. Similar to current 1080p AHD DVR, great likely the 3MP AHD DVR will also not support real-time frame rate recording. Instead, the maximum frame rate will be 12fps or 15fps. To achieve multi-channel video encoding, the AHD DVR has to use high-end SoC. Based on this, it's expected the AHD DVR will use the Hi3535 H.264 SoC from Hisilicon.

5#. 2MP vs 3MP how to choose?

As we wrote on previous article, the current 720p and 1080p resolution can be sufficient to meet the image quality requirement for home video surveillance applications. Compared with 2-megapixel resolution, the 3MP resolution image can increase additional 30% image size. If monitoring the same area with the same viewing angle, the 3MP image resolution is 1.5 times more detailed than 2MP. However, the 3MP resolution maintain 4:3 video aspect ratio, it's not compatible with current HDTV system. Additionally, lacking the 3MP AHD DVR support, all these factors limit the spreading of 3MP AHD products. Will 3MP AHD products become popular in the market, let's wait to see.

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