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4K AHD/CVI/TVI cameras are not yet to come

4K Security Cameras

4K IP camera is the hot topic during the recent two years. As the main trend, the global top HD video solution providers such as Ambarella and Hisilicon developed and launched SoC processors which featuring 4K video encoding and decoding capability, at the same time, many leading video surveillance brands launched new high-end IP cameras supporting 4K ultra high definition resolution. Will 4K ultra resolution analog cameras be available in the surveillance market soon? Well, the answer is 4K analog cameras isn't yet to come.

HD-TVI 720P/1080P Analog HD Surveillance System

Today, we are going to introduce the latest HD analog solution – HDTVI. The HDTVI solution can enable customer to setup a complete new 720P/1080P resolution analog surveillance system with advantages of long distance transmission (500 meters) through coaxial cable. This new technology enables user to upgrade their existing standard resolution analog system with HD-TVI compliant cameras and DVRs.

HD-TVI cameras - new technology for analog HD solution

Even we enter into digital era, analog surveillance technology doesn't stop its innovation. Besides the HD-SDI and HD-CVI (in house technology of Dahua), today the Hikvision and other camera manufacturers announce HD-TVI cameras release.  HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface,  HD-TVI is based on traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission, it supports not only 720P/1080P video signal, but also including audio, data signal over long distance up to 500 meters.

HDTVI vs HDCVI, who is the winner?

As a popular trend, the security industry began producing cameras HD and Full HD to meet market demands of high definition video surveillance. Surveillance systems have today as the core technology HDCVI which presently is the market leader for analog surveillance systems. It entered the market recently took over the market due to lack of competition, HDCVI technology supports 720p HD  and full HD 1080P video recording. HDCVI systems technology is improved and applied to many DVR recorders and weatherproof bullet, vandal-resistant dome and speed dome camera surveillance cameras. Since HDCVI systems do not have to change the analog cables. HDCVI systems' installation costs are much lower.