Guidance of cable for alarm system and surveillance system

Recently we received many inquiries about how to choose cables for alarm system and video surveillance system. If you are not familiar with security industry, you may not know which types of cable for alarm system wiring, also for the cctv surveillance system. Now we are providing some basic information about this.

Types of cable for security system 

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable or BNC cable

  • Inner conductor: stranded tinned copper to 42/0.12 (TC)
  • Insulation: PE solid core Φ2.95mm
  • Outer conductor (shield): 1, longitudinally wrapped aluminum foil, tinned copper wire 96 Code (TC)
  • Jacket: Flame retardant gray PVCΦ5.0mm

Coaxial Cable Applications:

Coaxial cable or BNC cable is widely used in the video transmission, signal communication and signal control systems. The cable used for video surveillance and video meeting wiring projects, video/audio connection, TV signal (CCTV) transmission...etc. Widely used in video transmission field of cabling system, which require a high speed signal transfer rate. 

If you use the coaxial cable for cctv cameras, then you also need to use separate power cable for providing power supply to cameras.

CAT5 (Category 5 cable) also called UTP 5

Cat 5 Ethernet cable

Cat 5 or UTP 5 is a twisted pair cable for transmission signals. This type of cable is used in structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet, as well as for IP video surveillance system or analogue surveillance system with video balun.

Using the Cat 5 cable for analogue surveillance system, you need to use the video balun. The advantage is the cat 5 cable can not only transmit video signal, but also can transmit power supply, audio signal, even RS485 control. More over, you can easy to shift from analogue system to IP system without re-wiring the cable.

RVV PVC sheathed cables (300/500V)

RVV PVC sheathed cables

  • Inner conductor: O.F.C bare copper stranded (BC)
  • Insulation: flame retardant PVC, chromato-graphic identification
  • Cable core: insulated wire stranding, wrapped with polyester film (PP band)
  • Sheath: black / white PVC

RVV PVC sheathed cables application

The cable widely used for smart automation system, intercom system, burglar alarm system, and access control system, electrical internal control, computer control, instrumentation and electronic equipment and automation devices, power connection.

RVVP shielded cord cable (300/300V)

RVVP shielded cord

  • Inner conductor: OFC bare copper stranded (BC) or tinned copper stranded (TC)
  • Insulation: PVC, chromatographic identification
  • Cable core: insulated wire stranding, wrapped with polyester film (PP band)
  • Sheath: black / white PVC

RVVC Shielded cable application

Used in building automation and control systems, burglar alarm systems, fire systems, communications, Audio, audio systems, instrumentation, electronic equipment and automation devices to be anti-interference connection.

For burglar alarm system connection between sensors and alarm panel, you need to use RVVP 3×1.5 or RVVP 4X1.5 cable.

RVS Cable

RVS cable also called twisted pair cable. 

RVS twisted pair cable

  • Inner conductor: One side with O.F.C the Stranded bare copper wire (BC), the one side of the stranded tinned copper (TC)
  • Insulation: PVC

RVS Cable/twisted pair cable Application

  • Widely used in fire alarm system between the fire sensor and fire alarm panel.
  • Used for small home appliance, light, small electric tool's power supply. Double white color core cable used for connection lamp holder. Red and Blue core cable used for fire alarm system. Red & white color core cable used for broadcast and telephone line.
  • Used in connection between amplifier and audio equipment.

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