4-Megapixel Outdoor IR Bullet Camera Hi3516D+OV4689

H.265 IP cameras - a major milestone on IP video surveillance

H.265/HEVC has been proven to reduce the video file size to half, thus can save up to 50% network bandwidth and video storage space. H.265 also called High Efficiency Video Codec, it's the next generation video compression technology enables the 4K ultra high definition video streaming become possible. The rise of H.265 also brings a new opportunity to network video surveillance.


  • Saving 50% network bandwidth and video storage space.
  • If the storage space is the same, H.265 can improve 30%~40% on image quality under the same bitrate setting. 
  • H.265 High Profile can achieve smooth real-time 1080p resolution video streaming with under 1.5Mbps network bandwidth, while H.264 only can achieve real-time standard definition resolution video streaming under 2Mbps network bandwidth.
  • Since H.265 video compression has such a great advantage, enabling it to deliver smooth, stable video stream under the low bandwidth network environment.

In today's market, you can find many H.265 network cameras that adopting Hisilicon H.265 solution. Hisilicon as the pioneer video surveillance solution provider, the company has Hi3519, Hi3516A, Hi3516D processors supporting H.265 video encoding.  In this article, we are pleased to introduce you the H.265 megapixel IP cameras are based on Hi3516D + AR0230 (ON Semiconductor/Aptina), Hi3516D + IMX23 (Sony), Hi3516D + OV4689 (OmniVision), Hi3516A + IMX178 (Sony).

2.0-Megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516D + AR0230

High Light Compensation Performance
High Light Compensation performance
Wide Dynamic Range Performance
Wide Dynamic Range performance

3.0-Megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516D + IMX123

3.0-Megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516D + IMX123
Full color crisp image under low illumination
3.0-Megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516D + IMX123
High clarity, accurate color reproduction under star light condition

4.0-Megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516D + OV4689

Hi3516D+OV4689 Day/Night Surveillance Performance
Day/Night surveillance performance
Hi3516D+OV4689 WDR Performance
Hi3516D+OV4689 WDR performance

5.0-megapixel IP Camera: Hi3516A + IMX178

Hi3516A + IMX178 Superior color reproduction
Superior color reproduction
Hi3516A + IMX178 Superior image quality
Superior image quality

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