How to install infrared fence break detector ?

Infrared fence break detector are using active infrared beam technology for detection of intrusion. The fence detector come with pairs which consist of transmitter and receiver. It can be installed in fence, door, window, balcony, office, school, villa, factory...etc. It's a invisible fence for protecting the safety of your home and business.

Part A: How to install infrared fence detector ?

1. Find the place where you need to install.  Marking the four holes of the installation for transmitter and receiver.  Make sure that transmitter and receiver in the same parallel and level, so that receiver can receive the beams from transmitter.
2. Connecting to power and zones for fence detector.
3. Drill a hole in the installation faces with the 6C driller nail and plastic pole, and then fix it with M4 screw.
4. Adjust the level of transmitter and receiver,  make sure the transmitter and receiver at the same level. When power on, the Green LED (working) will turn on.
If the transmitter and receiver are not in the same level, the Red LED (alarm) will turn on.
5. Take off the transmitter and receiver from installation place, then cover the aluminum housing.
6. Testing the infrared beam detector:
a. Cross the beam will trigger the alarm.
b. Turn off transmitter or receiver will trigger the alarm.
c. Open the aluminum housing will trigger the tamper alarm.

Part B: Connect Fence Detector to Hard wired Alarm System

Fence Connection Diagram

Please note that if you are using our security alarm system, you need to connect EOL Resistor to Normal Close in series. using G70-GTW or G40-W system, then you need to set hardwired zones are not belong to Bypass zone.

Part C: Normal problems on installation fence detector

1. Why turn on the power for fence detector, the fence detector is alarming continuousely?
a. Please check the power supply for transmitter, also check the installation level of transmitter and receiver.( Transmiter and receiver must be the same level in parrelel.)
b. If the infrared fence detector using more than 6 beams, then you need to wire the sync between transmitter and receiver.

2. After the installation, you can not triggered the alarm even people cross the beam.
For example, if you purchase 4 beams detection distance 20meters fence detector, and when you put them in 10 meters, the infrared light is very strong, when people cross the infrared beam, the infrared beam will relect to other objects, then go to receiver. so it will not trigger the alarm.
The solution is you should place the fence detectors is accordance with detection distance.
There is setting on the transmitter to choose detection distance for infrared fence detector: LOW, MID, FAR.