How to install surveillance security cameras ?

Tips on installation of security camera:

Use the security camera is quite simple, normally install them correctly, connecting BNC cable and power supply, then it works. The reality is that if you can not install the camera lens and security camera, then the installation may not meet your expectation. When mount the lens and security camera, please check whether it's C-Mount or CS-Mount. (When put C Mount lens to CS-Mount security camera, this will damage the CCD of camera).

Before install the lens, firstly remove the protection cover from security camera and lens, then screw the lens into the security camera slightly.

For the auto-iris lens, you need to connect the control wires to security camera 4 pin connector. Adjust the lens zoom and focus, shut down the AES, BLC (back light compansation), put the camera in the front of surveillance area, adjust the zoom and focus of security lens until you can get the best images from monitor.  If want to use security camera in surveillance place with big illumination changes, it's better to use the auto-iris lens, and turn on the AES of security camera. If security camera uses manual iris lens, then you need to turn on AES, and let the surveillance area to be brightness as possible as you can, adjust the lens until you can get the best quality image, then lens adjusting finished.

Put back the shield and fix the installation bracket, then it's complete.

In the above adjustment of lens procedures, if you don't open the lens aperture as large  as possible, or close very small, then security camera with be on low speed shutter, so security camera still can output good image; when in the dim environment, the lens aperture is small, and shutter speed is in low speed (1/50s), then security camera will output dark images.

Installation security camera:

Step 1:  take out bracket, and prepare the tools and parts: anchors, srews, hammer, drill..ect tools; mark the installation position, check the anchors and screws, try the srews and installation bracket whether it's sutible or not,  check the BNC cable's, then proceed to install security camera.

Installation bracket and tools

Step 2: Take out the security camera and lens, according to the types and specific of security camera, mount the lens carefully, don't touch the lens and CCD by hand, after check it is connected firmly, then connect to power, trun on the monitoring and adjusting the lens to get the best quality picture.

Mount Camera Lens

Step 3: Take out the bracket, anchors, screw, hammer, drill...etc tools, according to the marked position, install the bracket. After checked the installation of bracket firmly, then put the security camera on, and fix it.
(before installation the bracket, you may need to connect to power to check whether the security camera can get best images or not).

Installation camera bracket

Step 4: If the inside or outside installation environment with too much dust, then you need to install security camera housing. After step 2, you need to install it from here.
1.  Open the cover of housing.
2. Take out the fix metal slice, and fix the security camera;
3. Put the AC/DC adapter inside of housing;
4. Put back the cover, and sort the cables, fix cables to the bracket.

Install camera housing

Step 5:  Insert the BNC connector into security camera, make sure it's fixed firmly.

Connecting BNC

Step 6: Insert the power jack to power input of security camera, make sure it's fixed firmly (please note that normal C-mount security cameras use 500-800mA 12V power, Infrared Security cameras use 1000 - 2000 mA 12 V power. The specific requirements, please refer to user manual)

Connecting Power Supply

Step 7: The the other side of BNC cable, connect to BNC connector to DVR or Monitor's input, make sure it's fixed firmly connected.

Connecting BNC to DVR or Monitor

Step 8: Trun on the power of monitor and security camera, ajust the angle of position of security caemra to expectation position, and adjust the zoon and focus of len until you can get the best video images.

Check the video

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