How to wire and install security glass break detector for residential?

Glass break detector is a common sensor for burglar alarm system that can detect the glass vibration and broken.

A. How Glass break detector works ?

Glass break detector with a microphone which monitoring the noise (or voice) caused by the vibration comes from glass.

If the sound (or vibration) meet the specific value, the glass break detector will be triggered.  Usually the sensitive of glass break detector is adjustable.

B.  Where the glass break detector is used ?

Glass break detector can be used in most of area, including glass dispaly panel, windows with blinds, curtains, slide-windows, or room of wall for detection of noise (work as vibration detector).

C. How to install this detector (it's suitable for PARADOX glass break detector)


  1. Remove the cover of the detector
  2. Wire the wires to glass break detector.
  3. Mount the detector to the glass
  4. Adjusting the sensitivity of glass break detector.
  5. Test the glass break detector and burglar alarm system
Locating of Glass Break DetectorFig 2  Install Glass Break Detector

D. How to connect glass break detector to hardwired alarm system (honeywell, ADMECO, DSC, PARADOX...etc)

Connect to alarm system

(Red: +12V and -  are power supply for glass break detector,  Z + and Z - are wired zone,  R is EOL Resistor)

E. Tips on installation of glass break detector ?

  • Glass break detectors are installed the windows which can easy access.
  • Install the glass break detector on the ceiling or walls adjacement or opposite to the protected glass.
  • Install the place where without noise generate objects, like bell, air conditioner, electric fans, compressors, and strobe siren, or other loud machinery (electric device).
  • Install the glass break detector with correct direction and orientations.
  • Due to the efficency of detection, we don't suggest install glass break detector on the wall of opposite direction of glass.