Introduction to Hisilicon IP Cameras

Hisilicon - one of famous ASIC chips designer and provider. Based in Shenzhen of China, Hisilion's SoC and solution are widely used in network surveillance, videophone, DVR and IPTV. Nowadays, almost IP cameras are based on either Texas Instruments or Hisilicon SoC technology. Compared with TI, Hisilicon provide affordable, but high performance H.264 codec chip-set which meets the customer's needs of IP surveillance solution. Almost 80% of DVRs and NVRs are based on Hisilicon SoC technology.

Hisilicon IP cameras

Until now, Hisilicon offers two SoC chipset solution including Hi3518C and Hi3516C. Hi3518C is the economical HD IP camera SoC, Hi3516C is advanced HD IP camera SoC. They are compatible with different progressive scan CMOS image sensors including Sony, Aptina, OmniVision and Pnasonic. OmniVision solution (OV9712+HI3518C), the IP camera can provide 1 megapixel resolution; Aptina solution (R0130+HI3518C), the IP camera can provide 1.3 megapixel resolution; Sony solution (IMX222+HI3516C) to offer 2 megapixel 1080P resolution.

Hisilicon IP Camera features

  • Embedded RTOS design,Dual Core 32bit DSP,Hardware compress, watch dog
  • Day/Night switch with IR-Cut filter;
  • H.264 baseline profile, H.264 main profile Level 4.0, MJPEG/JPEG baseline
  • Bitrate 0.1M~6Mpbs adjustable;FPS 1~30 adjustable
  • Real-time H.264&JPEG encoding of 720P/1080P
  • Support RTSP/FTP/PPPOE/DHCP/DDNS/NTP/UPnP network protocols
  • 3D denoise, pre-processing, image enhancement, edge enhancement, and de-interlace
  • Integrated intelligent analysis acceleration engine, supporting motion detection, boundary guard, and video diagnosis
  • AWB/AE, HLC, BLC and Gamma Correction, Color Enhancement
  • Audio I/O for two-way intercom
  • Alarm I/O for integration solution
  • TF card for up to 23GB local storage
  • WiFi connection
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE802.3af standard.
  • Support Onvif Standard
  • Support P2P
  • Support cloud monitoring
1080P IP camera

Hisilicon solution has an extremely high market share in digital video surveillance, the current main products including Hi3516, Hi3516C, Hi3518A and Hi3518C.

Hisilicon IP Camera Roadmap

Introduction to Hi3516C

The Hi3516C is a new-generation SoC designed for the HD IP camera. It has a new-generation ISP and H.264 encoder. It uses an optimized pre-encoding image algorithm, advanced low-power technology, and low-power architecture. The Hi3516C features low bit rate, high picture quality, and low power consumption. The Hi3516C also supports 90° or 270° rotation and lens distortion correction. These innovative features enable the Hi3516C to meet requirements of different surveillance applications. It fully supports 3A algorithms, which allow customers to design different types of IP cameras including the IP AF zoom module. Because the Hi3516C integrates the POR, RTC, and audio CODEC,and supports various sensor voltages and clock outputs, the EBOM costs for the Hi3516C HD IP camera are significantly reduced. Similar to the DVR or NVR SDK, the Hi3516C SDK allows rapid mass production and facilitates system layout of IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs

Hisilicon chip in hand

Introduction to Hi3518C

Traditional VGA MJPEG cameras cannot meet current surveillance needs because there is a continuous increase in network bandwidth, widespread usage of mobile applications, and high requirements for high-definition videos. The Hi3518C is an economical SoC designed for high-definition surveillance applications. It has a new-generation ISP and H.264 encoder and uses an optimized pre-encoding image processing algorithm. These features enable the Hi3518C to provide high-quality images at low encoding bit rates. It supports lens distortion correction to meet the requirements in undistorted indoor surveillance applications. It also uses advanced low-power technology and architecture and QFP package, facilitating PCB surface mounting. Because the Hi3518C integrates the POR, RTC, and audio CODEC, and supports various sensor voltages and clock outputs, the EBOM costs for the Hi3518C HD IP camera are significantly reduced. In addition, the Hi3518C SDK supports Linux 3.0 kernel and allows customers to select components flexibly

Texas Instruments DM365, DM368

TI (Texas Instruments): Based in Deallas, Texas of USA, it the world's leading semi-conductor companies, mainly engaged in analog cirucits and digital signal processing (DSP) technology, which has a representative DaVinci-DM3X ARM9 video processing solution in the security industry, has been deployed in many video electronics. TI gradually dominate the security video compression market. In IP camera field, the company receives huge fame from its DM355, DM365, DM368, and also the latest DM369, DM388.

Ambarella, another IPC solution provider

Ambarella: established in 2004, is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.; is a technology leader in high-definition video industry, primarily providing low-power, high-definition video compression and image processing solutions in the television broadcasting market, Ambarella technology is also widely used, television programs from around the world are sent after Ambarella compression chips. The company launched the industry's first compression standard H.264 video based on the latest highly integrated SoC chip integrates a variety of critical system functions, providing cost-effective overall solution definition, encoded in H.264 HD professional broadcast equipment market with nearly 90% market. Representative chips in IPC solution are A2, A5, A5S, A7, A9.

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