Wireless weatherproof perimeter intrusion alarm system

. Intelligent System's general program

2.1 Area security system

2.1.1 Anti-Intruder perimeter alarm system

Established in the district perimeter fence, supplemented by the front detector cell constitute the perimeter, when a non-crossing detector to prevent normal access to those areas that trigger alarms. Effectively prevent people without fixed duties through the system and criminals out of cell through the perimeter to reduce the incidence of cases.

According to the general plan garden design, residential communities north and east relative to closed-end retail component (without the need for perimeter protection), the south near the drains, and other residential areas west of the junction. System is mainly for the south and west of protection, protection of the length of about 760 meters. Perimeter alarm system for anti-Vietnam as follows:

Closed-end management: design through the establishment of the fence or the fence of the way closed cell perimeter (except entrance), to prevent foreign workers directly into the cell through the perimeter;

Detector protection: the whole district a more gentle terrain, relatively flat perimeter, blocking material (trees, buildings) less and less Quanzhou climate change, the environment has little effect on the system design using active infrared mobile shooting detector installed in the fence (the fence) behavior on crossing the alarm;

Sub-zone management: According to the characteristics and selection of cell perimeter device performance parameters, design of the perimeter of the garden is divided into 10 zones occur when the police intelligence preparation orientation (see Figure 1: The more perimeter defense system diagram);

Centralized monitoring center, show: put alarm receiving center / communications host is responsible for police information on the front-end receiver, selected according to the number of front-end detector 16 zone alarm host. Alarm occurs, the host receives the alarm signal, the control zone on the keyboard lights will display the zone alarm birth; the same time to facilitate a more direct security personnel to observe the occurrence of police intelligence in the region, when the alarm occurred when compared with the host Connect the drive plate-driven cell perimeter simulation screen shown in the plan occur directly on the regional police intelligence;

Linkage report: linkage system and closed circuit television monitoring system, perimeter alarm system to detect the signal, the closed-circuit television monitoring system to automatically monitor the occurrence of the regional police intelligence.

2.1.2 CCTV Monitoring System

According to the overall garden design plan, set for the district south and west boundary, the district of important public buildings (such as: residential main entrance, underground garage entrance, kindergartens, etc.) set the control point, so security personnel to grasp the situation at the scene and provide the basis for event handling. CCTV system is as follows (see Figure 2: closed-circuit television monitoring system diagram):

Control point set

Week boundaries set 10 monitoring points on the perimeter wall of the upper monitor. West test install two cameras, is responsible for about 200 meters west of the perimeter length of the region. Measured near the south drains installed two cameras, is responsible for about 180 meters south of the perimeter of the area. The corner mounted on a camera, for the corresponding week of the boundary, a length of about 40 meters to 110 meters long;

District 8 within the set control points. The main entrances of a station, set a strong second entrance on the entrance into the district surveillance officers and vehicles. Taiwan set up a nursery gate. Public area near the rockery waterfall area clubs set up a station office. Underground parking garage and library entrances and exits of underground motorcycle 4 sets of vehicles and personnel out of the garage were observed.

Center wall display monitor: monitoring Wall Set 1 set 21-inch monitor, 8 14-inch monitor, 2 sets of 16 Quad and 2 sets of time-lapse video recorder.

Through the matrix switch, has realized the more alarming in the perimeter defense, the corresponding week of the control point boundary wall of 21-inch monitor in the monitor automatically display the front spot on the screen;

Monitoring points within the cell using a video camera corresponding to a display monitor, the image directly in the control points shown in the monitor wall to facilitate case management can take in the event of direct observation of the situation on the front end;

Quad and time-lapse video recorder configuration 16 control points on the split display and recording, easy to query the event.

Computer Control: Computer control platform with matrix switching systems to connect, using the keyboard, mouse, monitor completion of the control system equipment, the main by the system management software. Easy to use computer-controlled intelligent integration between subsystems.

Alarm: perimeter alarm system to prevent the more front-end detector and alarm monitoring system connected to the terminal box through the control line access matrix switcher, closed circuit television monitoring system and constitute the perimeter alarm system against the more interaction between and police occurred , the computer will automatically pop up alarm occurs camera points of the screen area (the requirements of the source of future demand based lighting design may be).

Security Patrol Management System 2.1.3

According to the total garden design plan, set three patrol routes to strengthen inspections of important areas and the management of security personnel. Security patrol system as follows:

System used offline without embedded pipeline to facilitate equipment installation and future maintenance of the system, change and expansion;
Targeted selection of patrol points.
Residential buildings within the district office to set patrol points, strengthen the security personnel on the inspection of residential buildings;
Area within the Public Building Service (club, kindergarten, parking lot) to set patrol points, enhanced security personnel during the night of the inspection efforts;
Road building, green, etc. to set patrol points, easy to grasp the regional security personnel, such as: transportation, cleaning, lighting and other conditions;
District office to set the perimeter patrol point, and enhance the regional security personnel on the corner of inspections.
Simple, convenient operation: Security personnel carry data acquisition, each time a message to a site button, after patrol, security personnel, data collector can be returned to the center.
Center inquiries, management: data acquisition connected via the transmitter will store the information transmitted to the central computer system management, managers from the computer or print out the information to fully understand and master the accurate and timely security personnel patrol the situation.

2.1.4 Import and Export Management / visitor intercom system

Out of the Management / visitor entrance intercom system cell, the control center, cell population, homes in close contact, to effectively prevent foreign workers free access to residential and ladder, the lower residential burglary case occurred at the same time facilitate access to residential tenants.

According to the total garden design plan, residential entrance located in the north and east, in strengthening access to external staff while management to facilitate the use of residential tenants, system design are as follows:

Staff entrance diversion: In order to enhance access to foreign personnel management district, and convenient access to residential property owners to design the garden entrance into residents and visitors access channel. Household by household access card free access to the residential, visitor access by foreign personnel into the district.
Subsystem management: Household access by the management of import and export management system, visitor access by the intercom system to manage visitors.

Network structure: By bus, household access to the indoor unit installed in the stairs of the entrance host (includes reader); the staircase leads to the door of the host cable access through the divider in the entrance and the center of the plot management Switchboard staff, constitute the entire network system (see Figure 3: Visitor Intercom System-Dong Lou schematic diagram).

Sub-level management: the center as a switchboard manager management, entrance management administrator for secondary switchboard.

Different levels to prevent

Community entrance: Visitors must pass an administrator in the district switchboard entrance to and intercom paging households in the Household agreed to before entering the cell;
Residential stairs: visitors in the stairs by the door machine paging households, household indoor unit through the intercom and image recognition, remote unlocking, the visitors allowed to enter the ladder inside.
Card: households in the Household Division of the proximity reader access (import and export management system) and the unit stairs door machine built-in card reader (visitor intercom system) on the reader, can be controlled electronically controlled lock to open. Same system and parking management systems, property information query system allows the card between systems.

Residential alarm system 2.1.5

Households through the installation of detectors and alarms at home communications console, on the home for safety precautions. Alarm occurs, the detector will detect the alarm signal transmission to the alarm communications host, the host judge and confirmed by the logical transfer by bus to the center Alarm computer center management staff on the alarm through the alarm processing computer to respond to the home of the households unlawful acts against the purpose of the invasion.

The installation of detectors and alarms home communications console, on the house to guard against. Alarm occurs, the detector will alarm alarm communications transmitted to the host, the host through the telephone lines for transmission to the central alarm processing computer, the system software on a unified home alarm monitoring, management. The Garden House alarm system design are as follows:

System uses the network dial-up structure: plot the larger, more households used dial-up networking type of information through the telephone line transmission of the alarm, avoid outdoor part of the fabric tube wiring;

Indoor wired connection: the detector and alarm communication host via cabling to connect, to avoid interference during transmission, omission, and false positives arise.

Layered clothing in preventing:
Entrance Protection: households to install door magnet on the door from the door to illegal attempts to detect intrusion homes;

Internal protection: lobby to install infrared motion detectors provide residential space within the plane and the detection. Illegally entering the protection zone alarm events;

Emergency Alarm Protection: master bedroom to install emergency buttons, when the looting occurred, and other emergencies, may press to issue a distress signal.

Configuration 2 per household, the garden door magnet, two infrared detectors, an emergency button (see Figure 4: The network alarm system diagram).

Real-time Monitoring Center Management: Alarm Center software by installing a computer system, police information center when there occurred the police immediately about the situation in the home and related materials.

2.1.6 Fire Alarm System

Fire control room located in the residential property management center. According to Fire Code requirements of the system should have the underground car park, club fire detection, manual alarm, alarm and fault indication, fire communications, fire control capabilities radio linkage.

The entire system should be efficient and reliable, low false alarm rate. Should be by the State, and Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Fire Inspection approval permit the use of approved products.

Automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control system design, construction should comply with national, in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province and the relevant laws and regulations, in line with national, in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province and fire regulations.